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Video Wave Review

 Video Wave lets anyone find hundreds of easy to rank for keywords, build out gorgeous 3D animated videos around them… and then rank them page 1 on Google and YouTube with just a few clicks!
Video Wave was built to help your customers research, build and rank their videos on page 1 of Google and YouTube in just a few minutes.
Video Wave Does Everything For Your Customers In Just 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1 – Research
You enter a keyword in the software and it shows related keywords to what you inputted that are easy to rank, saving you the time of doing the keyword research yourself.
Step 2 – Builds Videos 
Web Based Camtasia Style Video Editor Software that includes:
– Text-To-Speech Engine with 8 languages
– Youtube Video Spinner
– Live in app “voice over” and “web cam recorder”
– Media library with royalty free images, audio, and video footage to create videos in minutes!
– Ability to add text effects and transitions in seconds within the app.
Also has 3D Hollywood Animation Movie Style Character Maker – Add “voice over” or “text to speech” to characters, completely editable and customizable. The characters were created in studio with “motion capture technology” so they look and feel life like.
Step 3 – Ranks Video 
They can then upload the video to youtube within the software and get it ranked by having it syndicated to the top social bookmarks and video sharing sites. We’re also throwing in our SEO Catalyst application in as a bonus, so they can use PBN’s to help with the rankings as well.
This is the all in one solution to the most common problems people face online and we have the angle nailed down perfectly to ensure this converts through the roof.

Video Wave Overview

Home Page : Video Wave Official Site
Vendor: Mo Miah
Product Name : Video Wave
Launch Date: 2016-09-08
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47

Special Offer: 80%­OFF DISCOUNT HERE! (Will expire soon!)

Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below:

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SproutAudience Review

SproutAudience Review

SproutAudience allows you to run video behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook, for the first time ever.

It works for Facebook native video (yes, you can run ads to these videos) as well as embedded videos on your website!

The software actually allows the user running the campaign to set time milestones for custom audiences to be created. For example, if a user creates a campaign inside of SproutAudience, they can select “5 seconds”, “30 seconds” and “45 seconds” (or as many custom time milestones as they want) and when a viewer hits that milestone, they will be added to the respective custom audience.

This allows users to market to/retarget viewers who have seen certain parts of their sales videos/marketing videos. For example, if I only wanted to retarget users who had seen my sales pitch, I could do so by setting a milestone for exactly when my pitch starts. SproutAudience then allows me to run ads only to people who have seen my pitch.

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